Watoi Wajanjez

Watoi Wajanjez is an educational Kenyan cartoon that seeks to educate kids on various aspect of life that affect them daily, these include hygiene, money and saving etc The cartoon follows the lives of three siblings and their adventures learning new things. The first episode aired on KUTV(Kenyatta University Television) on July 21rst 2018 on the stations Hulahoop kids segment. The partnership involves KUTV supporting the sound production while Starjabu digital provides the visual development and production. Watoi Wajanjez has 8 complete episodes to date, the production also involves an outreach programs where the production team visits kids events to screen the episodes.

Watoi Wajanjez Outreach Program

The outreach program involves visiting kids events and screening our educative episodes. Kids are engaged through Q&A sessions after the screening.

Watoi Wajanjez 3D

Starting in 2020 we are partnering with visual studios and audio studios to remake Watoi Wajanjez in 3D.

Watoi Wajanjez educational posters

Feel free to download any of our educational posters for academic needs.