Tara:Toka Mbio

Tara:Toka Mbio is an android game that puts you in the control of a character who is perpetually running from a group of hi-tech teleporting soldiers. The game was released on Google Play Store and is available for download with an update (Tara:Jaladi Core) being in active development.


Update 3.5 Tara:Jaladi Core

Following the release of Tara:Toka Mbio, our fans reached out to us and suggested things they wanted to see in the game, more explosions, power ups, more character control and interactivity with the environment, better graphics and so many other suggestions. For this update we bring you a whole new game, with RPG player like control and all the things our fans asked for. Here is a small sneak peak at what to expect from the update.

New Characters

Meet Jaladi and OGX. For Tara:Jaladi Core we are throwing the rule book in the fire and giving an immersive experience with interesting relatable characters and a compelling story line. Take on the role of Jaladi with new skills and more character control options, your greatest asset still remains your ability to sprint but you now can also attack enemies with a power sword, how cool is that?

New Storyline

In the not so distant future Nairobi is a bustling technological hub with major advancements in technology and robotics. New cyber threats emerge on the daily, planned and executed by the Mile-High Robototos and their social media crazed leader-RoboPinkidoh. Your mission is to collect clues and destroy hacking towers through various levels, find Robopinkidoh and put an end to the hacking

New GamePlay